WabiSabi Collection - Design1

"Aged Beauty"

Aged Beauty expresses the beauty that is created as time has passed. The fresh lively colors of greenery are beautiful, but we also feel a deep appreciation of the transformed beauty that comes with age.

In a peaceful and quiet Japanese garden, the unintentional and unorganized things such as rocks with irregular shapes, trees, flowers that have taken root naturally, and birds that fly in and out of the garden over a long period of time come together to form a harmonious landscape. To change with nature over time is not something to be missed.

The substrate is also selected from antique gold paper.
*The material is not real gold, but quality-stable vinyl.

The dull shine without glitter gives a sense of calm glamor.Feel the nature of eternity.

You can purchase by selecting panels.

Two heights are available and a full mural of 6 panels.

Height : 120 inches (304.8cm) or 80 inches (203.2cm)
Width : A single panel is 35 inches (88.9cm) and totals 210 inches (533.4 cm)

And we are welcome to customize our wallpapers to suit your project and needs.
We can modify the size of our panels, add or remove elements, customize colors, and adjust the layout of the design.
To discuss customization options, please contact us.

Color Variation

The soft glow, not glittering, and the aged gold texture creates an elegant room.

We redesigned the 150-year-old Chinoiserie Antique mural, which amazed us and became the starting point for our mural design, to suit the modern room.

When lighted, the texture glows softly and creates an even more romantic mood.



This design is our most popular design in Japan. The calm atmosphere of antique gold suits Japanese-style and western rooms as well.

It has been chosen for both private residences and commercial facilities.
This photo shows the nostalgic ryokan (inn) "Tateshina Shinyu" in Nagano, Japan.

Aged Beauty is also great for bedroom spaces where you want to heal.

You will feel calm and peaceful, feeling for a time a sense of eternity.

This is an example used for sliding doors called "Fusuma" in a Japanese style room.

Like here, we welcome inquiries for customization according to the size required by the space.

For custom consultation, please contact us.