"Miyabi" was originally used to describe the ancient Japanese courtly style, and came to mean a refined elegance and the aesthetic sense. In contrast to the well-known "wabi-sabi" sense of beauty in simplicity, the culture's love of glamour is also an ancient Japanese aesthetic.

Currently, Japanese design is dominated by images of simplicity, but this collection was created with the vision of introducing a new style of decorative Japanese interior design that would fit in well with modern life.

During the Heian period (794-1185), when this uniqueJapanese aristocratic culture developed, court ladies of that time delicately sensed the changing colors of nature with each season, and created color schemes for Kimono worn in layers.

The Miyabi collection is inspired by the garden scenery that these ladies gazed upon. Your room will be enveloped with these fantastic colors of nature that they were surrounded by back then.


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