Our Brand

We were first inspired by antique Chinoiserie murals, and began our creation of wallpaper based on those antique finds, but now presented in a modern Japanese sense.

Our brand name "Ocashi" is based on the ancient Japanese word "をかし(wo-ka-shi)", which has many meanings: deeply inspiring, elegant and amazing, some emotional nuances...It expresses feelings that cannot be clearly described in words.

"Ocashi" symbolizes that we are trying to be creative in reflecting such ancient Japanese aesthetics, but not just an old-fashioned imitation, but something that fits the modern interior.

Our Thoughts on the Identity of
Japanese Panoramic Wallpaper

As noted above, we were influenced by the mural painting style commonly called "Chinoiserie" (meaning Chinese taste), but Chinoiserie contained a Japanese aesthetic, and we want to add even more to our collection.

First of all, let’s take a brief look back at the history of Japanese style houses.

In such a mansion, the nobles of the time lived mainly in a seated position on the floor, gazing at the garden and feeling the changes of the seasons, reading poetry, playing musical instruments and dancing…

In the old days of Japan, the living space was always attuned with nature. The people who lived there would have felt that their lives were part of the natural world.

As symbolized by Fusuma, we feel that the traditional Japanese lifestyle in which indoor and outdoor spaces are not clearly separated, but smoothly connected, and nature is painted on all walls, in essence, integrated with nature, is the identity of Japanese interior design.

And sadly, it is an element that has almost been lost in the modern home. It is impossible to recreate a traditional Japanese “mansion” style house as a modern home in a dense urban environment. Also, in our modern house, it is “not cool” to just use traditional Fusuma.

However, we hope through our wallcoverings to express the aesthetic sense of living in harmony with nature, in our modern day interiors. After all, living in harmony with nature is the spirit of Japanese interior design!