WabiSabi Collection - Design2

"Hazy Moon"

This work expresses the spirit of feeling the grandeur of a hazy landscape on a beautifully fullmoon lit night.

A hidden full moon, clouds flowing by, moonlight leaking dimly, cherry blossoms softly illuminated, cranes standing quietly...Japanese sensibilities find beauty not in a landscape where everything is clearly reflected, but in the shifting, wavering light and shadows.

This effect can even be felt in the washi selected for the Substrate. The uneven texture of this washi, woven with different materials for the vertical and horizontal “threads”, gives the impression of depth of shade depending on the angle of view.

We hope you will enjoy the shifting scenery of light and shadow in your room.

You can purchase by selecting panels.

Two heights are available and a full mural of 6 panels.

Height : 120 inches (304.8cm) or 80 inches (203.2cm)
Width : A single panel is 35 inches (88.9cm) and totals 210 inches (533.4 cm)

And we are welcome to customize our wallpapers to suit your project and needs.
We can modify the size of our panels, add or remove elements, customize colors, and adjust the layout of the design.
To discuss customization options, please contact us.

The non-uniform texture of the Japanese paper substrate with natural fibers woven into it, creates more of an atmosphere where the foggy landscape is dimly illuminated by moonlight.

Although this wallpaper is a matte light gray, the brown fibers are woven into the design so it appears shaded by lighting, giving it the appearance of a glossy silver.

Trees and waterfowl are drawn using an ink wash and succinctly expressed as silhouettes illuminated by moonlight.

Gray up

The black version is also matte in texture, but the shading of the Substrate, with its woven black and light brown fibers, makes it look as if the moonlight is aglow in gold in the dark.

Black up

Substrate :  weaved washi