Miyabi Collection - Design2

"Spring to Mind"

Fresh spring sunshine, cherry blossom petals in full bloom and butterflies dancing in the soft breeze. The air of spring in our hearts is captured in the mural. While inside your room, you will feel relaxed and healed in the Japanese garden of spring.

Substrate as well as the design is an element that expresses the world. The soft glow of Japanese paper combined with metallic paper will make your heart bloom.

You can purchase by selecting panels.

Two heights are available and a full mural of 6 panels.

Height : 120 inches (304.8cm) or 80 inches (203.2cm)
Width : A single panel is 35 inches (88.9cm) and totals 210 inches (533.4 cm)

And we are welcome to customize our wallpapers to suit your project and needs.
We can modify the size of our panels, add or remove elements, customize colors, and adjust the layout of the design.
To discuss customization options, please contact us.

Color Variations

The base color "Seihakuji" is a traditional Japanese color name derived from pottery, and is a pale blue color, almost white, like a spring sky with soft clouds up above.

The Substrate of Japanese paper and metallic paper pasted together, combined with the cherry blossom landscape, makes it feel like sunlight filtering through the sparkling trees.

The yellow version is imagined in the warm afternoon of spring. The gracefully dancing butterflies, painted by traditional Japanese paint artist Suzu Ishii, evoke a relaxing and fantastic mood.






Substrate : washi combined on metallic silver paper