Miyabi Collection - Design1

"Vivid Symbiosis"

Each element of nature’s landscape is awash with a different background, and all are beautiful. Find new flowers blooming on old trees, fresh greenery next to decaying leaves, moss-covered stones, beautiful wild birds walking or flying, butterflies dancing in the seasonal breeze. All the lives that happen to be there are in harmony.

In a room with this wallpaper, you too will be one of the beautiful, symbiotic harmonies of the landscape. We hope you can feel the vivid energy flowing from the landscapes, colored in traditional Japanese hues.

This substrate is a Japanese paper made of woven, natural silk. Its random knots and glossy sheen, its natural un-uniform beauty, are important elements in expressing the world of the mural.

You can purchase by selecting panels.

Two heights are available and a full mural of 6 panels.

Height : 120 inches (304.8cm) or 80 inches (203.2cm)
Width : A single panel is 35 inches (88.9cm) and totals 210 inches (533.4 cm)

And we are welcome to customize our wallpapers to suit your project and needs.
We can modify the size of our panels, add or remove elements, customize colors, and adjust the layout of the design.
To discuss customization options, please contact us.

The base is a deep red, a traditional Japanese color called "Suo”. In ancient times, the color was regarded as noble and auspicious, and was also metaphorically referred to as the color of blood. The color seems full of a life force.

Birds and butterflies drawn by traditional Japanese paint artist, Suzu, are vivid and lively.

The bird is based on the legendary chicken called "Kinkei," which is believed to be a heavenly creature. It is said to be the bird that heralds the dawn, and is imbued with a positive image.

Silver is especially beautiful when lighted. The luster of the Japanese paper, woven with natural silk, spreads softly.

Red up1

Red up2

Silver up1

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